Our mission

Black Boys Win was created for young Black men who desire to succeed in life, but may not have the tools or opportunities others take for granted

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A real education

The American education system doesn't fully prepare Black boys to conquer the world. We're here to provide essential tools for success

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you can help

One of the ways we are able to stay affordable is from donations from caring people like you. Every dollar goes to creating an amazing experience for our boys.

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 Our Boys need help

Black men in America are facing insurmountable odds. With unemployment rates for Black men reaching upwards of 45% in major cities, it's necessary to acquire new skills.

Black Boys Win was created to go beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. While the education system covers the basics, it doesn't address success and how to attain it beyond the job market.

Black Boys don't need to be preached to or lectured to death. They need to be shown their value. They need to be supported in a world that gives them two strikes at birth. They need to be able to freely pursue their passions and monetize them.

Entrepreneurship and leadership training are our driving force. We are determined to change the narrative about young Black men in America


Next Steps...

This is a program that will change the lives of its students. Take advantage of world class information and mentorship by applying now