Celebrity Masterclasses

No one wants to hear about success from unfamiliar people, so we've assembled instructors who are celebrities and well known Captains of industry.

Leadership Training

The most important thing about Black Boys Win is that we understand the importance of leadership. So we have leadership training and mentorships to help mold and shape the minds of our boys

Counter culture Courses

Our boys have lots of ideas but don't really get access to the tools to execute them. Black Boys Win comes equipped with a toolbox to even the playing field

No More Struggling in School

School in America can be hard and overwhelming. We refuse to allow one subject to get in the way of success. We've partnered with It's Not Complicated Tutoring to provide tutoring on any and every subject for our students at no additional cost.

A real community

Our boys will be a part of a network that will last them a lifetime. This is more than just t-shirts and community service days. We are creating a family that extends beyond traditional groups and clubs.

Making Money Make Sense

No education is complete without financial training. This goes beyond the typical financial literacy courses that are currently offered. Not only do we teach core competencies, but we also teach our boys how to make money doing what they love.

S.t.e.m. Training

One of the benefits of being a Black Boys Win member is that you can get online STEM training. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are included with your membership thanks to our friends at HAK Electronics

Ready for spanish

One of the best languages we can start to learn on our multilingual journey is Spanish. Thanks to our partners at Ready For Spanish, our members will be fluent Spanish speakers in record time!

Next Steps...

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